first grade / room tour

so tomorrow begins a new year of home school. eleanor is a first grader! i can't believe it. summer went so fast. she hasn't mentioned school much, let alone being excited about a new year. today while she was playing barbies and while wolfgang napped, i finished organizing the school room and reviewed lesson one. i believe for the first few weeks (the last weeks of summer) we will do school outside on the picnic table. it is a good way to soak in the last bit of warm weather and ease back in to school. unless eleanor complains about it being too hot out which is a strong possibility. ballet/tap and art class do not start until next week which i am happy about because we won't be thrown back into chaos all at once. i will be back once we have established a solid routine and lay out a day to day schedule here. i always like to see how others manage their time with homeschooling, so i figure i will share my ways as well. for now, here are photos of our school room.


  1. This space inspires me in so many ways... We have a similar partially finished (subflooring, rigid insulation, and electrical run) attic and I love seeing how others decide to use theirs! I think all the natural light is beautiful and welcoming!

  2. Layla and I have been looking through posts with Eleanor in them. It's funny that they're both in the first grade and are ballerinas. This is Layla's first year in ballet class but she loved it, and wants to continue. She also, wanted to ask Eleanor a couple questions and say Hi... So... Here's Layla ::

    do you have a cat? do you have a whiteboard for school? do you like to play school, too? can you read books? what is your favorite book? what is your middle name?
    my favorite book right now is "The Gingerbread Man". my middle name is grace. I like to play school, and I like to be the teacher. I love your school room! That's all. Hope I talk to you soon. Bye! Love, Layla.