wolfgang // an eye story

moments after wolfgang was born arick noticed that his left eye was not completely open. the pediatrician on staff at the hospital told us this was normal since he was brand new and it eventually would open. sort of how it takes a few days for a puppy's eyes to completely open ... or at least that is how i took it. well, a few days passed and we took him home and his eye still did not open completely. after seeing our primary pediatrician we learned that he has marcus gunn phenomenon. what this means is while wolfgang is nursing or actively moving his jaw, his left eye will move to the rhythm of him sucking. he also told us he has ptosis, which is a drooping eyelid. not to be confused with lazy eye. wolfgang does not have a lazy eye. we were referred to an ophthalmologist who gave wolfgang the same diagnosis. we see his ophthalmologist, dr. liston, every three/four months to make sure his ptosis is not affecting his vision. sometimes ptosis can cause one to favor their other eye which can lead to lazy eye. so far, this has not happened. we just saw dr. liston last week and go again in january. if his doctor notices any stigma as a result of him favoring his other eye, wolfgang will need glasses. we are hoping he will not need glasses as an infant because man, it would be so hard to keep them on!

i wanted to share this here because a lot of people make comments about his eye or they will say, "oh, look he is winking!" the comments in no way, shape or form offend us. that is not what i am saying. i just wanted to simply inform. to us, our little guy is perfect just the way he is. sometimes life just throws you a curve ball, but that is okay. it helps us to be thankful for everything good in our lives. if you want to learn more about it, you can read about it here. you can also watch a video here

here he is being silly with mama's glasses. if you look closely, you can see his ptosis. 

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  1. Sweet, sweet baby!! I have followed you on Instagram for a while (alovelybean) but I have just discovered your blog and am loving catching up with your lovely family. Happy new year to you! Xx Chelsea