around the house // our kitchen

two years ago while walking around an historic district in dayton, we came across an open house. at the time we were living in a teeny tiny two bedroom apartment on the other side of town. it was just arick, eleanor and i and we hadn't even started trying for wolfgang yet. we knew we were ready to buy a house and expand our family, but we certainly never intended on living in north dayton. not for any particular reason other than we just never considered it. you know how it is ... you live in an area of town for so long that it is where you are comfortable ... things are familiar. anyway, we walked into this open house and were immediately blown away by the beauty of this 1920's home. it felt so big to us, so unique, so old, so cool. i mean, a dining room, a living room, two bathrooms, four bedrooms AND a finished attic?! to us, it seemed like a mansion. hardwood floors throughout? original windows? a fenced in yard? for us, it was a dream. we were sold the minute we walked in that door. only problem, where is the kitchen? well, it didn't have one. let me take that back, it did have one, but it was not what you would call functional. the only thing in that wrecked room worth salvaging were the original built in cabinets. so beautiful. we knew if we bought this house we would have a project on our hands and for a short time, we would be living without a kitchen. and that is exactly what we did. i am kicking myself for not taking photos of our make shift kitchen we had in our living room. basically, it was a tiny refrigerator, a table with a microwave on it and some dishes in a big tupperware tub. you guys, i washed the dishes in our bathtub for a over a month. it seems so nuts to think about that now.

as many of you may know, we are currently trying to sell this house we love so much to move to the country, (and hopefully stay put!) but i will certainly miss this kitchen. i do love it so. wherever we move, i do hope to copy some of it ... like our big industrial size sink. i do know that wherever we end up ... whatever the kitchen, we will make it our own and we will be home because we will be all together. sharing meals and growing old. 


  1. I get lost looking at interiors online all the time. Your home is beautiful, and while I would LOVE to see before and afters, the after here is simply divine.

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