sweet moments

throughout the day i like to catch magical moments of my babies on camera, mostly with my iphone because it is always handy. not all of the photos i take are uploaded to instagram, but i do love each and every one the same. here are a few i took today and yesterday.

1. the evening light in our living room is marvelous. this is right before wolfgang fell and bloodied his nose. it was scary, but he is okay! 

2. my parents have a really big and wonderful garden. they brought us some goodies! tomatoes, corn on the cob, squash and zucchini. wolfgang loves tomatoes! 

3. today was our first day of school. eleanor did super! here she is making short a words with alphabet cookies from trader joes! a fun and delicious way to practice word building. 

4. my eleanor is always performing. here she is wearing last years recital costume and jumping on the bed. she was singing firework by katy perry.


  1. Our daughter loves tomatoes, too! She prefers the plum variety, calling them "apples" (despite continuous correction), and eats them as such (biting right into the raw flesh). :)

  2. These are lovely. I love all your photos, you really have a way of conveying they way, I imagine, your heart feels. Love the light.