an afternoon at an orchard // round two

a few days back i received a text from a friend asking if i wanted to go apple picking this week. i had already taken the kids this year and made enough applesauce to feed an army, as well as delicious apple crisps and pies. with little thought i decided, sure, why not! i mean, i could always make apple butter this time around and more pie because, well, who doesn't love pie. so, today we finished school early and went to the orchard. my friend's son and wolfgang are close in age and it is always so adorable watching them interact with one another. eleanor does most of the picking and loves playing the role of big sister. wolfgang sits in the wagon munching on apples while she pulls him along. she is so protective and sweet. she found a plump, pink pumpkin that she begged to take home. it is now next to her bed on the floor as to be close to her while she sleeps. under her pillow is a lost tooth that fell out while eating a red delicious apple. later on this week her and i will be busy baking and eating pie. i love this time of year. pumpkins scattered around the house and the smell of cinnamon fills the air. fall is so cozy and comforting. it reminds me of togetherness and oh, man, i love being together with my little family. snuggled on the couch, watching old movies and eating apple pie. 


  1. Oh, you know how much I absolutely adore this!! Wish you were just a tad bit closer, so we could meet up sometime!

    Too cute that she lost her first tooth eating an apple! Bless her.

    Much love for your day, sweet friend!

  2. I've not take my littles to the orchard yet. After looking at these photos, I feel just awful about that. Going to the orchard was something I did, growing up, with my grandmother and I always loved it. Lovely.

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