a new friend.

a little over a year ago i created an instagram account. since then i have met so many women that i would say are like me. sometimes it is hard to relate to others around you and for a stay at home mother and wife, it is hard to make friends ... but then BOOM! the internet. instagram. i realized that the world is full of so many women like me. women who share my interests and women who also stay at home with their babies. it has been exciting to follow along and share photos of our daily lives with one another. it became even more exciting when i realized one of these amazing women lives in ohio! of course once we discovered this, we planned a meet up. we decided to meet halfway at the zoo this past sunday and it was such a great time! her name is Majda. i could tell she was a sweetheart based on my interactions with her on instagram, but she was even more wonderful in person. you could say that we became instafriends. she has a darling family. three little boys named Sven, Bjorn and Lars and husband, Rick. Wolfgang and Lars are only a month apart, so it was fun for them to meet! we are planning to meet up again soon and i am already looking forward to it!

how adorable are Majda and Lars? next time i will be sure to get photos of everyone! we were having too much fun to think about taking photos!

afterwards my little gang went to jeni's for ice cream. we do not have one in dayton, so it was a must for us! delicious!


  1. I love this. I've never done meet ups, but have always thought it seemed fun. I started sending postcards a year or so ago. I really enjoy that, and it's something to look forward to. :)

  2. This is wonderful! Love the instagram community and friends I've made since signing on. It's so good, especially as a stay at home mom too! I agree. Most of my friends with little ones work, which sometimes creates a bit of a rift (not purposefully) but just as life goes, ya know? Loved catching up on your blog during naptime today- mopping be darned! xo