farewell september

today we spent almost the entire day in our backyard soaking up the last bit of warm weather and saying farewell to summer. it is such a bittersweet time of year. no more running out to check the mail barefooted. no more trips to grocery store in tank tops and birkenstocks. the talk of autumn has been all over social media lately, but now, well now it is really time. i suspect soon we will be pulling those sweatshirts over our heads and finishing off with a knit cap almost everyday. we will embrace it. oh yes we will. 

anyway, today we decided we better get out there and play while the gettin's good. yesterday i rummaged my dad's garden and brought home a basket full of tomatoes, so today i picked up some bacon and we had BLTs for lunch. the BLT is my all time favorite sandwich. Eleanor requested toast with jelly and bacon on the side. we also grabbed a jug of apple cider from a farmer's stand, so we have been drinking that by the glassful all day long. 

 after we finished lunch we began school. school outside is nice because we can take many play breaks. such a great thing for a six year old, let me tell ya. wolfgang doesn't mind it either, although daddy had to take him in at one point because he was eating rocks and dirt by the handfuls and i just couldn't keep up! so nice to have a daddy that works mostly from home. i am forever grateful for that. 

school went well today. she has been working on memorizing sight words and i have been working on patience. her thing right now is writing us letters and she wrote the sweetest letter to wolfgang. i am going to tuck it away in my top dresser drawer along with all of my other treasured eleanor letters and drawings. we are looking forward to the holiday season and have a field trip to a science museum coming up. all is well. it really is. it is so amazing to watch her grow and learn. i get to be there in the passenger seat. sigh. so good. 

side note: this is an album that i will put in the nostalgia bank for autumn 2014. take a listen here