home is where the tart is

we have been homebodies to the max as of late, only leaving the house for about an hour at a time to run to the library, the grocery store, ballet class or art school. it has felt so good to just be home. i have even been letting the dirty dishes sit in the sink a little longer because i know i have nowhere to be and i will wash them later. i know, shame on me, but it just feels good to live. flopping down on my bed from time to time, letting the kids make messes, sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee, surfing the web, eating entirely way too much. you know, just being at home.

 speaking of eating way too much ... when i am home, i am baking. without a doubt. cookies and pie and any sugary treat i can muster up with what is in my cupboards. well, last sunday i picked up a basket full of pears from my dad's pear tree, so i decided a pear tart was in order. i had never made one before, so i googled pear tart recipe and gave it a go. it actually turned out pretty well. it may seem silly, but i just love having desserts around. i think they look pretty on the table and bring some warmth to the house. 

this evening daddy had to leave the house a bit for work. i gave eleanor the okay to watch a movie upstairs and wolfgang and i sat quietly in the dining room. he nibbled on pastry crust and a pear while i sat still eating a slice of tart and enjoyed a glass of wine. normally i would have put on a record, jazz or something of the like, but it just felt wonderful being still and quiet. even if just for a few minutes before beginning the before bed routine. 

i think it is important to cherish the quiet moments throughout the day, so that way when things feel hectic and out of control we can tell ourselves that later i can be still and it will all be okay. balanced. what i am saying is ... not to take that cup of coffee at the table for granted. take slow sips and deep breaths. think about only good things. revel in that long, uninterrupted shower. go for walk until your babe falls asleep and keep walking. let go of your thoughts and just be. and for heaven's sake ... eat that slice of pear tart with ease and grace. you have earned it, mama.