wolfgang kalman's room

as some of you may know, we are trying to sell our house. i decided that before we move i would like to do a tour in photos of each room. this is the first house we have ever owned, not rented and wolfgang was born while living here, so this house is very dear to us and one we will look back on many times. i begin this house tour with wolfgang's room.

i decided before wolfgang was born that i wanted to keep things simple. quality, not quantity. his sister, eleanor, had everything under the sun. you couldn't walk through our house without tripping over a shiny, noisy, plastic toy. well, almost seven years later i am older and wiser.

 i am not someone who buys a lot of clothes for my children. in fact, i literally buy the bare minimum. it helps that i am a stay at home mum and can do laundry often enough where it really isn't a problem. we decided not to invest in a dresser for him yet because his room has a darling window seat that works perfectly to store clothes and blankets. his closet is where i keep his most treasured items. he has some of my brother's clothes, eleanor's hand me downs and a jacket and cowboy hat that belonged to my father! 

on his shelf are our favorite books that were handed down from sister. if you have never read Go Track a Yak we highly, highly recommend it! i also keep some eucalyptus in a tiny basket to make the room smell welcoming. eucalyptus has a way of making you wanna curl up and relax, so i keep it in almost every room in the house. even the shower! 

in his toy basket are wooden animals and finger puppets that we buy at our local farmer's market, some old dresser knobs and a few other quality items that were gifted to him. for his first birthday, which is next week! we invested in some nice building blocks. they are a current favorite around here and we are still learning how to share them with sister. 

my favorite thing in his room is his rocking chair. this chair belonged to my grandma's great grandpa. so, so antique! it is in excellent condition and creaks like a song. this is something i will hold onto forever. 

here are some items of his that i love and would recommend to anyone with a little one!