wednesday // a picnic

a few weeks back we went apple picking with a friend of mine and her baby boy. today we decided to meet up again at another orchard for a picnic. the weather was amazing ... mid-sixties, the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze. it was the perfect fall day.

 watching the boys interact with one another is always adorable. at one point they were feeding each other carrots in the same way the bride and groom share champagne during the toast. so friggin' cute. eleanor enjoyed running around and finding all of the pink pumpkins in the giant bins they had outside. it felt great for me to chat with another stay at home mom face to face. truth is, i do not have many mom friends, so whenever i have a chance to visit with one it feels so refreshing. 

after our picnic we drove about a half mile down the road to a jersey farm. they are pretty famous around here for their delicious ice cream. they even have some farm animals to feed, tractors to climb on, batting cages, putt-putt golf and other seasonal activities. i went all out and got the apple dumplings with cinnamon ice cream and oh man, it was one of the greatest desserts i have ever had in my life. in fact, my mouth is watering for more right now. i let eleanor run around for a bit and feed the goats. this girl loves goats. when i was little we had a couple and i would love to get her at least one. crossing my fingers we will be able to once our house sells and we move to the country. 

side note: i have been listening to foxygen a lot lately. they are fun in the car or while you are cleaning the house. if you haven't heard them, i recommend. xo. 


  1. Apple dumplings with Cinnamon Ice Cream. You know, I adore. <3

  2. Absolutely lovely. Eleanor is just lovely. All the babies are. But she looks so much like you. Love that poncho too. What a great day.