embracing autumn

i know it isn't officially autumn yet, but it sure feels like it. the air conditioners have been turned off nearly a week, a mess of wool blankets suddenly crowd the couch and in the morning before our feet touch the floor we are reaching for big sweaters and fuzzy socks. as i sit here and type, i am curled up on the couch and the aroma of freshly ground coffee and pumpkin spice candles fill the room. we are finally settling in on our new back to school routine and our days are spent like a song. it's so amazing how my tummy starts to growl at the same time everyday. oh, it must be noon! time for lunch! i have always been a planner, so establishing a routine for my family is so important to me. in fact, if it is 8:31pm, a minute passed their bedtime and they are not tucked in yet ... i become so anxious.

 anyway, i am embracing autumn. i am embracing the change of seasons and a new routine. and of course halloween is right around the corner and i feel myself becoming more and more giddy about it everyday. every year i make eleanor's costume and it brings me so much joy. last night during supper eleanor was throwing out costume ideas and i'm pretty sure she is stuck on being a zombie. i must say, i am not thrilled about it, but whatever makes her happy.

this past weekend we went on our first autumn hike. hiking in the fall is one of our favorite activities, so this trip was the first of many. eleanor complained some, but it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon with my family. eleanor brought along her magnifying glass and field journal and kept calling herself a detective. wolfgang, my little explorer at heart, loves sticks and dirt so he was in heaven.  here are some photos i snapped along the way.


  1. I have so many things to say. My kids even huddled around the computer to look through these photos with me. What a wonderful place, I love the woods. This weather has been magical.

    I love all of your clothes. You have this effortless way about you, all of you. It's really lovely. I love how sweet and playful all of these photos are and how brilliant the light is.

    Best of luck with your school year and also with Halloween. We're adjusting here, as well, and while I do love the routine of it, some days a real challenge.

    --Beautiful blog layout too!!