seven years

tonight we celebrated seven years of marriage. i really regret this blog post already because i need to go way back and find some photos of the early years together, but oh man where would i even find those. even a wedding photo would suffice and it is only downstairs, but with celebrating comes drinks and well i've had a few and just too damn tired to walk downstairs. anyway, i won't begin to ramble as i have the potential to do so right now. 

okay, okay, where to begin ... arick and i met in college in a short story writing class. he was late to class the first day. i sat there and he walked in wearing a brown abercrombie hoodie and distressed jeans. we didn't speak the first day of class, but i knew i would marry him someday and even told my roommate that very thing when i got home. oh, man i had it BAD. like crying myself to sleep at night because i wasn't sure he felt the same way, bad. this was ten years ago. i can't believe it. we were married in the woods on august 31, 2007 and i was six weeks pregnant with eleanor. so much has happened between then and now. marriage is tough. SO tough. life is general is pretty tough and i think we can all agree that sometimes we just do not know which road to take or what the right thing to do is and what does right even mean. i am rambling, i know. one thing is for sure. i love him with all of my heart and i will love him for as long as we both shall live. 

my parents came over and sat with the kids so we could go out. we went for sushi and then to a favorite bourbon bar for after dinner drinks. now he is downstairs and i am upstairs which is pretty typical for us. we love spending time together, but we are also very much loners. always in our own corners, doing our own thing. a perfect match in that regard. i am so happy that we are together, raising babies. some people think being married with children is boring and mundane, but you know, i can't think of anything else id rather be doing. i love my life more than i could ever express here on this blog. some days i watch him playing and laughing with my babies and i could burst. how lucky am i? do i deserve this? this pure goodness. people talk about the good ol days. these are my good ol days. i am IN it. i love and i am loved. i am grateful. 

these photos are not great, but i wanted to remember tonight exactly like it was, so one day i can look back and say oh my gosh look how young we were and i can't believe you still own that bow tie. 

and this .... well it was just our song. laying in bed together in his apartment. mattress on the floor, incense burning ... so good.