a rainy day walk

it rained all day here in dayton. after spending the entire morning playing board games, eleanor suggested we go for a walk. at first i was hesitant because it had been raining pretty steadily for hours on end and i knew if we went outside for more than a second we would be soaked and probably muddy, too. i decided that being wet and muddy is okay and for a six year old, being wet and muddy is fun ... so we grabbed the umbrella and out we went. we had the best time. eleanor jumped in every puddle and after a few minutes we ditched the umbrella and embraced the tiny drops of water falling on our heads. along the way eleanor gathered freshly fallen acorns and asked me questions about what it takes to become a super star. we talked about our plans to bake cookies soon and what she is going to be for halloween this year. she is growing up so quickly. it seems like not so long ago i was carrying her on my hip. i know she's had a rough time adjusting to having a baby in the house.  it was just her for nearly six years. it was a huge adjustment for us, so i can only imagine it hasn't been easy on her. it was super rough at first and i could tell there were times when she felt really lonely, but things are going better now. i think she has finally accepted him and is so so protective. they have even begun playing with one another and it is the sweetest sight. she has been so brave and patience and kind. i know the importance of carving out special time to be with her and only her and i think even if it is just going for a rainy day walk or letting her tag along with me to the grocery store ... anything to make her feel important and special because, gosh, she IS important and special. eleanor isobel, my darling girl. 

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