Oh, Eleanor.

so eleanor has been a trip as of late. she is at the age where one fart can send her into a never ending, rolling on the floor, giggle fit. she can come up with the most outlandish ideas and games for us to play. her imagination has no limits. for an entire day last week she pretended like she was a twenty year old superstar who was renting a room in our house. the girl is completely dramatic and insane and feisty and clever and witty and squeezable and adorable and sweet. she keeps us on our toes, for sure. she can certainly be a handful, but we wouldn't change her for the world. here are some photos i took of her this week. 
she wore her helmet for five straight hours today and has been wearing this phish t-shirt since she was two. she also has peanut butter on her face. 

i stumbled upon this a few days ago and nearly lost it. i love that she spelled everything correctly except for laugh. 

she has been all about the selfies lately. "okay, now let's do a funny face. okay, now let's act mad. okay, now let's stick our tongues out" it could go on forever if i let it. 

i made chocolate chip cookies earlier this week and when i asked her how many cookies she has had she stuck up three chocolatey fingers.