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autumn is coming! autumn is coming! today i woke up feeling giddy about boots and knit caps and big sweaters. my little family is quite unusual because most people explore the outdoors and take long walks in the summer ... well, for us, summer means mostly staying indoors in our pjs. come october you can find us out almost daily going for a hike or grabbing lunch. we love the crisp, clean, cool air that autumn and winter bring. during summer eleanor only lasts about five minutes outside before she runs inside saying, "im too hot!" during winter i have to drag her in by her ears, practically. i am looking forward to driving through deep snow. all of us together ... sitting quietly in the car, listening to music, feeling alive and loved.

school starts soon for us. we just received boxes upon boxes of material for the year in the mail. it felt like christmas to me! eleanor didn't wanna go anywhere near the stuff, but that's okay because once we get started again i know she will be more interested. that girl sure does have a love for learning which makes teaching a whole lot easier for me. i am hoping her brother will be the same. time will tell. he will be one soon and i cannot believe it. he has brought us so much joy. oh my gosh, we just couldn't live without him.

p.s. i want to take a moment to thank anyone out there who takes the time to read this blog of mine. i know i do not have a whole lot to say and contribute, really, but i do enjoy writing here. my days are spent kissing boo boos and cleaning up messes, so it feels good to have something that is just mine ... and for someone else to actually care enough to read what i have to say ... well, that is really nice, so thank you.

p.s.s. i spent my early twenties memorizing every word to joanna newsom's album the milk eyed mender and wanted to share one of her songs here. the sprout and the bean is one of my favorites. if anyone else out there is familiar with this album, im sure you love it, too. it's just one of those things.

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