a wonderful wednesday

today was just a really good day. we met a friend of mine and her adorable baby boy at the children's museum here in dayton. it is all hands on which makes it great for our little crawlers to get down and play. i do not get many great photos there because we go often and are just too busy playing and chasing babes. on the way home i grabbed some wendy's for dinner, which i never ever do, but it sounded good to me. and it was! arick left for trivia night once we got home, so the kids and i enjoyed some quiet time outside. wolfgang is all about the yard now. he is a little explorer out there ... crawling in and out of the teepee, investigating the swing set and his favorite ... playing in the sand box. it was a super hot day and we were all sticky and sweaty and just plain gross. everyone was in need of a good bath. once we were all squeaky clean we began our evening routine ... picked up our toys, put the dishes away, swept up crumbs, folded blankets, wiped down the counter tops, locked the doors, grabbed our bedtime book and jump in eleanor's bed for story time. i love this part of the day so much even though it is the most hectic and sometimes stressful. finally, i tucked them in, kissed their cheeks, said "i love you" and "good night." now here i am enjoying some time for myself and feeling ever so grateful for the day and for my babies. 

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  1. Your evening routine sounds beautiful. It is easily by far the most difficult part of our day for me and I've been working really hard on fixing my perspective to change that. Much love to you and your littles, dear! Keep cherishing those moments leading up to sleep! They will be coming sooner in the day in just a few weeks!! <3