a journal of letters

every year on eleanor's birthday and some years on her half birthday, i write her a letter. in this letter i tell her how she is doing at the time, what she is involved in, her favorite song, her favorite activity, her strengths and her struggles. i also tell her things like how much she weighs and how tall she is.

 most of all i remind her how important she is to me. i tell her that she is the light in my life. i tell her that she will be my little girl forever and always. as she grows into a woman i will tell her that it is okay to make mistakes and to feel afraid of life. i will tell her that sometimes we do not have all the answers and that is okay. i will tell her that as long as she does her best to shine light into this world that is all that matters. i will tell her to never feel alone because i am always here.

i am believing that when she turns thirty or so i will hand her this journal(s) of letters and she will read each and every one and keep them safe with her. i am hoping they will give her a feeling of security and something to reach out to when she is feeling lonely or blue. something she can simply read to get a glimpse of her five year old self. maybe she will have a little girl and will want to compare favorites. if her daughter is anything like she is, i know she would enjoy that. so much of our day to day with our little ones gets forgotten and not because we do not cherish each moment, but because life is busy and we just can't remember every detail. this is a way for me to remember every single thing and share it with her someday.

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