hold your head high

so it has been one of those days around here. for me, not for anyone else. my babes are happy and currently sitting in a big pile of photos. eleanor just asked, "mom, is this a photo of you doing a canon ball?" yes, yes, it is. i just woke up feeling kind of gassy and blah. you know those days? all i wanna do is be a teenager for a day. eat junk food and watch TV. i just feel so uninspired. im seeing everyone else's great photos on instagram and i can't take a decent photo today to save my soul. i took wolfgang outside for a bit and it started to rain and i could feel autumn in the air. i could feel it in my lungs. i wanted to start sobbing right then and there. not like in a bad way, just a release, you know. so instead of doing that ... i scooped that baby up and came inside. no way, kristen, save that shit for later. i put on the heartless bastards and i sang out. i sang out for all those dark days past and those dark days to come. let me rephrase that ... i sang out for all those real days and im still singing. "hold your head high, just as high as you can ... things will work out soon, things will come round again."  i suggest you listen to this song, learn the words and sing out, too.

 this is my ninth birthday. loving life and 90210 more. 

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