let's talk about baby food

Why do I make baby food?

i started making baby food when wolfgang was about six months old. i did not make baby food for eleanor because i worked full time with over an hour commute, so i just simply didn't have the time. whenever i began making baby food for wolfgang, i absolutely loved it. i turn the music up and dance around the kitchen, chopping fruits and veggies and it's just glorious ... but i think the real reason i love it, is because i am making something for my babies. something that will help them grow and hopefully make them smile. that is everything to me ... another reason i make baby food is because it saves us so much money. yesterday while at the grocery store, i took a stroll down the baby aisle to see how much a jar of food is going for these days and on sale they were one dollar a jar. i can make twenty four servings of baby food (that is two trays) for about two dollars ... so. much. money. saved ...but with all that being said ... i think buying baby food is totally fine. like totally. 

What do you need? 

you will need a food processor or blender, small jars or small tupperware containers, a steaming basket, a pot, baby food trays, spoons and a baby. :) 

How I make it.

there are so many baby food making methods out there and i am in no way an authority on the topic ... this is just how i do it and what works for me.

to begin, i soften my fruit and veggies, so that way they are easily pureed. some things you will not need to soften first, like bananas, peaches, avocado and berries. other things, like pears, apples, carrots, beets, potatoes and squash  will need to be steamed or roasted. 

to steam, you will fill the bottom of a small pot with water. place the steaming basket inside the pot, right above the water. throw your peeled and chopped fruits or veggies in the steaming basket and cover with lid. let steam on medium heat until it becomes soft enough to puree. 

to roast, you will peel and chop your veggies and place them on a baking sheet. drizzle with olive oil. bake in the oven at 375 for about 15 mins. careful to not let them burn because then you'll have to throw them out. trust me, i have made that mistake before! i line my baking sheet with a non-stick aluminum foil to prevent them sticking to the pan. also, ru's doctor advised us not to add any spice until they are a year old. his doctor also said to add a new food every three days. this way you can see if your babe is developing any allergies to certain foods!..  maybe your doc will advise you differently! 

after your fruit and veggies are ready to be pureed, throw them in your processor or blender. sometimes you may find you need to add a little water. if i have it handy, i will use breastmilk instead. divide food evenly into your baby food trays and pop them in the freezer. note: wait until cool before putting them in freezer. once they are frozen, you can put them into ziploc bags and label them. whenever i am ready to feed, i grab a cube or two and place them in a bowl. you can thaw in the microwave (careful not to scorch) or let it thaw on the counter for a while. if we are going to a restaurant for dinner, i will put a couple of cubes in tupperware and once we are ready to sit down, the food has been thawed and is ready to eat!

What I made this morning ....

blueberries and bananas: one container of blueberries and one banana. toss them in the blender or processor. that's it! super easy and great to mix with rice cereal in the morning. caution: this is messy! :)

pears and avocado: after i steamed three large pears, i placed them in the blender along with two avocados. for this combo, it was a bit thick, so i added about four ounces of breast milk. 

sweet potatoes: i peeled and chopped one very large sweet potato. lined my sheet, drizzled with olive oil and baked at 375 for 15 minutes. i also added a bit of breast milk to this because it was a little thick.

golden beets: i haven't prepared them yet, but will do so during nap time. i will use the steaming method.

wolfgang was watching me feed brother and kept saying, "yuck!" haha. also, he took this last photo of rufus. :) 


  1. what a great post, especially for first time mums! :)

    just wondering, have you ever tried baby-led weaning? i started off with purees with my eldest but when he became poorly we stopped, left it a few weeks and in that time i researched and found BLW - we've never looked back! my second, and youngest, has done baby-led since day one (of weaning - so really day 182) with pureed fruit occasionally as pudding.

    Ru looks like he's really enjoying that, is it the avocado and pear? my Isaac's favourite was always avocado! and that little bonnet he's wearing is adorable!

    robyn xx


  2. Oh the joys of cooking for our babies :), really just put a smile on my face. I totally agree with you saving so much money it's very true. I have cooked for both my boys and I have absolutly loved it, event though I have a full time job I somehow manage to cook dinners most nights and make baby food for my 7 month old Lucas. For me I think is more about the fact that even though I"m not home with them all day and hours of the day I like to be able to give them a piece of something I made for them with lots of love and bring to their daycare. I'm not one to brag but I'm probably the only mom that brings homemade baby food to the daycare lucas goes to, his caregivers always tell me how good of a mom I am for bringing him homemade food too him. It really brings joy to my heart.

    Now Ru on the other hand, what a ham, he seems to be enjoying those pears and avacados HA what a cutie. xoxo. Happy February dear blog friend.

    Johanna Roman

  3. I'm so happy to see this. My first had no interest in baby food. I think it's a texture thing. He still won't eat things like apple sauce or yogurt at almost 3. I have a 5 month old second child and am getting ready to try baby food again. I love the suggested combos and am excited to try them out. I was wondering how long the baby food keeps once made? Could I make a large batch to last a month or would it be best to make on a weekly basis? I guess, wondering how often you find you need to make more. My little girl can pound her bottles down, so I'm assuming she will eat "food" well also. Love the blog and IG feed! Ps: do you have a blog post on here about the whites you used in your new home? Especially your brick fire place!? Xoxo Nicole (No Dakota, USA)

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  5. Dear Kristen,
    Thank you for sharing your tips with us. I didn't freeze anything for Artemij, my older son, I didn't have all this information and it was a pain to stand every single day in the kithcen or buying stuff from groceries. I think this small portions is very good idea. First of all you don't have even mix veggies. You can just freeze everything separetly and take one cube of everything and these containers will last longer as you can start from 4-5 month with smaller postions and than continue with bigger. I read comments that the lid is not good. Do you experience any problems with it? Or everything works just perfect for you? BTW your pan looks like new. I am impressed :)

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  7. I loved this post! it's always fun to see how other mamas feed their babies. I agree baby food is SO expensive. thankfully we are on WIC and i get about 60 some free jars a month with me breastfeeding. it's a huge help. but i also love the idea of taking time to make something for my baby as well. it's so satisfying to nurture and care for littles, is it not?!

  8. I made pears and avocado today and my 6-month old son loved it. Thanks for a good tip!

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