a photo every hour on valentine's day

a couple weeks ago, i took a photo every hour ... well, from 8:00am to 8:00pm. i loved it so much, that i decided to do it again. i get so excited for the next hour, so i can take the next photo. i'm not sure why, but i just love it. anyway, here are photos from our day! happy valentine's day!

8:00am - exchanging valentines and having breakfast

9:00pm - these two are just waking up 

10:00am - every year on valentine's day, i make monkey bread. also, i have been living with these cabinet doors open for the past few days, trying to decide if i want to remove the doors and leave them exposed. any thoughts?

11:00am - they have become best friends and it is just about the sweetest thing.

12:00pm - every sunday during naptime, i go to the grocery store. it was so, so cold today. i listened to this

1:00pm - probably buying books. 

2:00pm - my husband took a few photos of our bath. this one is my favorite.

3:00pm - in sister's room playing with pretend food. when i walked into the room he asked, "mommy want juice?" :)

4:00pm - my boys 

5:00pm - the snow started falling again and it hasn't quit. 

6:00pm - she is always making lists and he is always dumping stuff. 

7:00pm - reading his book and getting ready for bed 

8:00pm - we have known each other for almost eleven years now and every so often, we binge on law & order. it's sort of our thing and i love it. 


  1. My humble opinions: keep the cupboard doors and I love the leather sofa.

  2. i loved this last time and i love it again!! my faves are the one of you and Ru in the bath and the one of Arick, Eleanor and Rufus in front of the window, the look on Eleanor's face is just ♡

  3. So fun to do that and capture every hour! I think I like the cabinet cover but then I could also see it without. I have a very small kitchen and thought of opening one whole side to make it shelves but then I keep holding myself back because I'm affaird keeping up with how organized it has to be all the time might be just adding to my to do list daily, so yeah that's probably why I wouldn't do it. I have seen open shelves on Pinterest and oh boy it makes me want to do it but then I change my mind. I love your kitchen I wish one day to have and open kitchen like yours all in white :). Ikea has a sweet sink I would love to have, anyhow hope you had a great Valentine's friend!


  4. These are so sweet. I love seeing photos of the babes. I love that you binge on Law and Order. That show is so good - but aside from that, my sweetheart and I binged this weekend (we had an extra day alone) and it was so wonderful. We sit like that, too. <3

  5. Oh I love this so much! Might have to snag this idea! I think I'd be curious to see how my day unfolds in pictures :) loved listening to that song, I hadn't heard it before. Love your 2:00 pm bath because when it's cold I could literally bath five times a day. And I a currently binging on "Foyles war" on Netflix. You are seriously the cutest and I love those cabinets open btw. K I'm done

  6. Love the pictures! Oh, a drop the doors for a week or two, you can always put them back up :)

  7. Seems like someone spent all her day with her beloved family and had no date with her husband even on valentine's day. well that can be accepted as family comes first.