little mr. men

i don't think it is any secret that i love the baby gap. well, about a week or so ago, they launched a mr. men + little miss line. if you are not already aware, mr. men was a children's book series by the author, roger hargreaves. i remember reading those books as a kid and loved them and my husband did as well. so anyway, whenever gap contacted me to take some photos of our little ru in this clothing line, i was all like, "heck yea!" 

as you can see here, wolfgang also joined in on the fun ... which basically consisted of him putting fruit snacks in between his toes and cracking up. you know, toddler nonsense. :)

i just love this last photo of rufus. my sweet, chubby, drooling, mr. happy man. 

*thank you GAP for letting me be a part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss launch. 


  1. We have got a little Rufus as well. He is 4 month old now. He is our fifth child and first son. so stunned how similar these two little Mr.s look like! Greetings from Germany

  2. aww these are gorgeous photos Kristen!! cutest little models ♡

    robyn xx


  3. Rufus might just be the best model they ever had!!!!! That smile is capable of lighting up anyone's day! Loads of hugs and kisses!

  4. Those yummy boys :), I love that collection. I got the pants for Lucas so colorful that's what I love about it so fun!


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