a cabin fever survival guide

so, the month of february is my least favorite month. mostly because nothing is really happening .. nothing exciting, i mean. the holidays are over, it's freezing (depending on where you live) and there just isn't much to do. with this, those winter blues can creep in and if you're lucky, you can hold on to your well being for dear life and depression won't completely take over ... this is a tough one for me and always has been. 

anyway, let's just say that cabin fever has hit us hard over here. like real hard. i have been trying my damndest to stay on top of it and find things to make me feel better everyday. to find ways to get me through the rest of this month without losing my mind. if you are someone who is also in the thick of cabin fever, i hope these help. 

  1. get dressed - this one has been the most important for me. by get dressed i mean, wash your face, brush your teeth and put some actual clothes on. man, this has helped me so so much. 
  2. make your bed - i am someone who almost never makes the bed, but on the days that i do ... i don't know, it just feels better. 
  3. write letters - something that always helps pass the time is writing a letter. it could be just a small note to a friend or whatever, but i think it is a much healthier way to pass the time than like staring at your phone. haha. 
  4. read - i used to read so much more than i do now. social media has definitely interfered with that and it bums. me. out. ... but getting your head wrapped around a good book during a blizzard is magical. it just is. my favorite author is augusten burroughs ... i know how hard it can be to read while you're in the thick of raising kids. so hard... i have been sitting next to them on the sofa and letting them watch a show while i read a chapter or two. 
  5. plan ahead- start thinking about an upcoming vacation or a spring project or your garden. read up on it. make some lists. get excited ... a friend gave me this book a few years ago. it is like the gardener's bible. i definitely recommend. 
  6. embrace the cold - yea, it's freezing, but get your butt outside. bundle up and take a walk around your house or down the street. take deep breaths. kick snow. crush old leaves with your boots. it feels good. ... i walked around outside today and saw the tops of my hyacinths. it made me smile because spring is coming. IT IS. 
  7. join a class- maybe you do not have the luxury of alone time like so many of us don't, but if you do ... join a yoga class. or heck, put your kids in a class. we always do swim lessons with kiddos during the winter because it gives us a reason to get out of the house. 
  8. watch television - winter is the perfect time to start a new show. i am not saying watch tv all day, maybe just an episode or two before bed. this is also huge for me ... i look forward to it all day. and having something to look forward to while suffering from cabin fever is everything. 
  9. try a new recipe - staying busy in the kitchen is a wonderful way to pass the time. to be honest, i need to slow down on this one because we have been eating cakes like everyday. haha! :) 
  10. declutter or organize - clean out a closet or organize your pantry. productive and distracting and you'll feel great afterwards.
  11. put flowers everywhere - just do it. flowers look pretty and they add color to your life. instant cheer.  
  12. hang out with your kids - so basically raising kids can interfere with 1-11. big time. on most days, i am just doing my best to make sure we all survive and certainly do not have time to organize a closet or read even one page of a book ... but anyway, lately i have been trying to do better at hanging out with my kids instead of just babysitting them. by hanging out i mean, working on a craft together or playing a game or coloring ... something educational, distracting and fun for us to do.
... maybe this post will not apply to you and i really hope it isn't coming off as like bossy or like i know what i am talking about .. because i don't. just trying to encourage myself to be productive during cabin fever which will lead to a positive outlook which will lead to a happier life.

any other cures for cabin fever out there? xo

that last photo shows eggs from my dad's chickens. every time i go over there, i stomp around with them and it makes me happy because it reminds me of my childhood. that is especially comforting during the winter months. it is the really good kind of nostalgia. 


  1. Those eggs look so beautiful! How nice to live close to your family! I don't think I ever experienced cabin fever...I grew up in Paris where it is not too too cold in the winter and then lived in Philadelphia for ten years but right in the center of the city, so even when it was cold and snowy, we always were able to go outside. Now I live in Los Angeles, and (dont be mad:)), I actually miss the seasons! We are thinking about moving somewhere with seasons and much more affordable so Ohio is a possiblity. Now reading you I am wondewring if I am cut ourt for it...Silly question: are the playgrounds totally deserted (I have three kids too, a 6 year old girl, a three years ol boy and an 8 months boy)??? In Philadelphia, in center city where we lived when my daughter was little, parents would still take their kids to play in the park when it was cold. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and instagram!

  2. Ha! I'm glad someone else has the cabin fever too! I literally posted about our cabin fever on my blog and then yours popped up! Perfect timing! Thanks for the ideas I'm definitely going to attempt to brush my hair tomorrow for sure and curl up with a book while the kiddos go nuts.

  3. If I could simply just send you some of our sun in exchange for some snow that will be awesome! I miss the cold, I used to live in NJ years ago and have been now in sunny FL for 10 years now. It's where home is now for me with my husband and 2 kids, There are days it's way too hot to go out specially summer months so I guess I can call those days cabin fever for the hot days LOL! I like the idea of trying new recipies, I find confort in my little kitchen, how about making some popcicles ;) for the whole family that's pretty cool idea, easy and everyone gets to enjoy them plus a sweet reminder that spring is coming soon! Here is this recipe I found to be yummy perhaps you might want to try it.

    Keep warm!

    Johanna R

  4. I started spring cleaning today because with three little ones it's probably going to.take me months

  5. Planning a trip always helps me :)

  6. I enjoy your photos, you do a good job. Your family is adorable, love the pics of them,they are growing up so quickly!


  7. This is a great post. I can identify with the struggle here and love that you are being actively productive to fight against it. It's nearly spring! And tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm! YAY!

  8. Hey K,

    I love this and relate so much. I unfollowed you and basically all the moms on ig except people i've really gotten to know. I did it because after what had happened to which i'm sure you saw, I decided that the "feeling" of being apart of a pack of mommy wolves where if you dare step out of the comfort zone you immediately get judged or attacked, in my case I felt like everyone who followed me were secretly casting judgement and perhaps not willing to understand me. Anyway...I still read up on your blog because I get you, I really do and I hope you understand how I felt about releasing myself from the popular peoples and just drifting off alone because it has felt so right and so freeing and I dont ever have to worry what other people are doing, I dont bother looking, I just post and move on and it feels good. Anywayyyyy i'm blabbering but I want you to know you are not alone and on the list, id also suggest trying to sneak more dates in with hubby, esp day dates at a diner...its bright, energized and refreshing..its also my favourite :) all my love to you and those kiddos


    Sarah Alchmist

  9. YES!! this is so spot on. I wondered why i've been feeling super kinda depressed lately, maybe it's just the february thing. it's cold, and wet, and it gets dark early. so we end up just sitting around, watching tv, snuggling (which I love) and basically being boring and lazy.

    saying this, I did clear out our kitchen cupboards the other day, got rid of the stuff we never use and organised the stuff that's left over, it looks so much better and I felt good too! :)

    literally every point on this list is perfect for me. to the point that i'm going to print it out and pin it to my fridge!

    thank you kristen :)

  10. oh mama, i can relate with sooo many of your points! i actually got really down last week, because i have all these great books piling up around me that i have been collecting or been given over the past couple of years with the greatest intention of reading them... yet, they are just sitting on our shelf collecting dust. so last week i cut back on sm and some other stuff and carved an hour in my day to start a new book. it feels so good! xo

  11. Hi Kristen. I recently found your blog (as in about six months ago!), and just wanted to say how encouraging you are, and how I love your beautiful photos , here and on Instagram. You do find to lovey things in life to focus on.