lately and some projects

so, i have been a little absent from this space lately ... for no particular reason, really. we have been spending these last, long days of winter quietly at home. i have completed some small projects and struggling to finish some that i started and just walked away from. you know how life goes ... sometimes you have energy and a strong desire to do things and then sometimes you don't. and that's okay. i enjoy riding the waves ...

anyway, one of the projects we completed was moving my husband's office upstairs and creating a playroom downstairs ... i should take the word "completed" back and say that this project is "basically done." i will be sharing the new playroom here soon! 

another project i began and have yet to finish, is painting the brick in our dining area bright white. once i began painting, i quickly remembered how difficult and time consuming it is to paint brick. oh my goodness, it's a job ... so, the first coat is done, but the second coat isn't. i figure i will just get around to it whenever i feel like. hopefully i get a jolt of energy to complete this dreadful task this weekend. but, i do love how it looks and think it is a much better color than cream. it was all feeling just a bit too creamy in there. 

and lastly, as far as projects go ... our mini kitchen reno is finally gonna happen! our contractors are meeting on monday to give us a start date! ... so it should be finished just in time for spring and i am just so, very, extremely excited!

these photos below really do not go with my words, but i wanted to share them anyway. yesterday the sun was shining and the kiddos were in cheerful spirits and the television was off and they were painting veggies to hang in our kitchen and it was just a really wonderful time. my eleanor sure has a talent. she asks me all the time ... "mama, do you think i can be an artist when i grow up?"

oh and p.s. .... happy march to you all! 


  1. oh my gosh yes, i think she really could be if that's what she wants to do! those paintings are great! totally gonna steal this idea once Elliot's a little older!! missed your posts, it brought a smile to my face to see this one waiting for me to read :)

  2. There's no better way to spend my time waiting for your next Snap story or Instagram post to upload than to read a new blog post from you! Okay, okay, so I guess I COULD be doing homework, but I like doing this much better. ;) Your babies are precious and Eleanor is a bundle of joy - what talent she has!

  3. Always nice to come to your space here and read good things Happy March my friend!


  4. I seriously LOVE Eleanor's artwork. She's so good. I remember the seed packets you guys made, and I was like, WOW - those illustrations are so good. Happy Match, sweeties.

  5. Love her artwork. Great job mama!

  6. Lovely work by the kids! this is just amazing to see. the kids are enjoying their time with this. mine love activities like these as well. thanks for the great idea you have given me.