finding pretty and bathroom photos

sometimes when it has been cold for days on end and the sun is nowhere to be found, i have a difficult time finding the pretty in things. especially my own things ... and i am telling you what, i'd give anything to feel the hot sun on my neck and to be chowing down on a burger straight off the grill. a cold, sweaty beer would be nice, too. 

anyway, finding pretty ... today i woke up realizing that wolfgang had been wearing the same pjs for three days. and i just downright stunk. the boys were both in good spirits and the sun was shining, so i decided let's put some icing on the cake and get cleaned up. it's amazing how much a shower can put some pep back in your step. sure it was a little crazy, but totally worth it. afterwards, i slathered them with vanilla-y lotion and we all snuggled a bit. and then they both took a nice, long snooze. i had planned on sleeping, but i watched TV in our sunny living room instead ... so after what seemed like forever, i found some pretty. i think there are times in life when we cannot see beauty for whatever reason and i also think there are times in life where we simply just don't wanna look for it. i think that has been me .. i have been way in my head, you guys all know how emotional i am. ha ha. but i felt different today. maybe it was the sun or maybe it was the bath or that small dose of TV time ... but the beauty was there and i felt it and it was really nice. 

im not even sure i am making any sense, but oh well ... i also wanted to share some photos of the kids' bathroom. i just painted it. it was pink and i didn't like it. i also found a book of botanical prints on amazon  and i love them. there are forty five in the book and i have no idea what to do with them all, but i did hang some in the bathroom and in my bedroom. i like them because they remind me of spring. they remind me of warm and pretty things. 

the kids really don't have a whole lot in their bathroom and you know, that's just the way i like it. there are three drawers ... one holds wash clothes, one holds baby things and the other holds toothpaste, eleanor's ariel brush and a jar of hair ties. underneath the sink there is toilet paper ... that's it. i am sure once eleanor becomes a teenager, more thing will show up, like hairdryers and makeup and all that stuff. :)


  1. I absolutely love how uncluttered your entire home is. I keep wanting to say to my family, "See. We don't need all that stuff we have."

  2. I have such a crush on that bathroom. Classic and adorable.

  3. we have been looking a lot into minimalism and your house [seeing pictures of it] just makes me all sorts of happy and inspired so thank you for sharing!! it's a long road for us to get where we want to be but seeing yours, and others like it, keeps us focused on our end goal. :)

    oh, and i totally get what you mean about not noticing pretty. i've talked a lot about the very same on my blog recently.

    robyn xx


  4. Dear friend, so awesome to hear all of it :), I’m like you but in the opposite way sometimes I wish we had snow and really really cold days, as we live in sunny Boca Raton Florida so not much cold weather around here just for the past few days it has been a bit chilly out but not by much. I do enjoy the sun but not when it’s so hot and humid that you are just miserable ha! About those burgers funny you mention it I bought some sesame seed bunds to make burgers this weekend ;) I will be thinking of you when I eat my burger :)!

    Happy Friday

  5. I am new to this space, but I agree, your bathroom is lovely,and your uncluttered home is refreshing! Have a great weekend! Christina