a saturday morning with ru

rufus just went down for his nap, so i am sitting at my husband's desk, taking bites of leftover pad thai and writing this blog post. last night, eleanor and wolfgang spent the night with my folks and arick had to work today, so it has just been rufus and i this morning. it feels quite normal for eleanor and arick to be out of the house, but a little strange that wolfgang isn't here for our daily routine. i am enjoying the quiet, although i do miss the sound of thomas the train in the background and wolfgang taking my hand every five minutes to lead me to the snack cabinet. 

this morning began like an other morning. i was up at seven and came downstairs for cereal and orange juice. rufus sat in the high chair while i watered my plants and emptied the dishwasher. we slowly made our way to the couch where we nursed and i watched an episode of law & order without any interruptions. after that, we went upstairs so i could make the bed and brush my teeth. i laid next to my boy and let him chew on my cheeks, grab at my hair and coo like a bird's song (but really it sounded more like a squealing baby pig) ... he nursed and smiled and drifted off to sleep. 

there is so much beauty in the mundane ... when i was younger, say in my early twenties, i didn't know that. i was always searching for something greater. something bigger than me out there that would magically change my whole world. you know, constantly living in a fantasy and not enjoying the everyday stuff. the normal stuff. now that i am thirty with three babes, i love the normal. the normal is my everything. the pouring milk in my cereal. the remembering to take my multi vitamin everyday. the making of my bed. watering plants. shit, even putting my favorite slippers on, one by one ... all of it. and having babies to share these simple moments, well, that just makes it all even better. even more beautiful. maybe not for everyone, but certainly for me. 

p.s. we just got a new mattress. we had our old one for eight plus years and it was time. we got a memory foam from a company called christeli and omg, our sleep has been better than ever. so, if you happen to be looking for a new mattress, i definitely recommend!

p.s.s. our little kitchen update has been pushed into march because well, they found rot underneath our sink. so what was a tiny project, became a bigger one. i am still really excited about it and trying my best to remain patient and thankful! 

have a great weekend! xo 


  1. oh he's so sweet :) i love his little leggings ♡

    these times are so so important, for you and him. i know how you feel about missing Wolfgang but also enjoying the peace and quiet. it's been way too long since my eldest stopped away for the night so that i can spend some time with my littlest one-on-one. that's the one thing i find saddening about having subsequent children, is that we physically cannot give them the same time and attention that we gave our first, simply because they're not the first.. we can give them our best though! :)

    i'm to be homeschooling so it's even more important for me to find ways of spending time with each of them on their own.

    can i just say, you are one of the most beautiful mamas i know of. your spirit, the way you see and think about things, your kids, your home..just everything. recently, i've been exploring more and more blogs (to bulk up my reading options) and yours is STILL by far my favourite. you make me feel happy and thankful for what i have. being only 23 that is so special. you're giving me those life lessons that you're saying you're learning only now, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. it is so appreciated.

    robyn xx


  2. Dear Kristen, you said very well the simplicity of it all :). I totally know how that morning must of felt for you, I live it every Monday and Tuesday of each week with my Lucas as Noah leaves with his dad for 2 full days leaving only my husband Lucas and I feeling a little empty in our home. It kind of puts tears in my eyes and a little knot on my throat every time every time, but yeah that's a part of my life having to share my oldest Noah with his dad and I"m so glad is only for 2 days because when he is not around I miss him so much, all of it even if when we are together during the 5 days I can go a little insane with dropping off, picking up, making breakfast , dinner, packing meals, bath, getting out the door to work etc. I always try to take a step back and just be thankful for my life and all the beautiful things about it, and how lucky I am to have my little family together, and enjoy every little simple thing of it from rubbing Lucas tiny hands while feed him or helping Noah get his shoes tied. I'm thankful and like you these days I do appreciate much more of the simple little things in my every day life.

    Thank you for sharing, about your bed. We might be looking into a new mattress some time in the near future!

    PS- love your blog and reading up on it. xoxo thanks for sharing..


  3. It's the simple moments with our babes that are most real and worth living for. I know this now. Thanks for the reminder 😊

  4. Could not agree more, beautiful mama! I've followed you on instagram for a couple of years and now that I'm a new mama myself, both of your online spaces (ig and here) make me smile even more.

  5. Sweet morning, by the look and sound of it!

  6. Your comments on the mundane are spot on... I am also 30 with 3 babes, though in England rather than the US, and couldn't agree more!! My littlest is just the same age as Rufus too!

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