preparing for brothers and bits of spring

so far, this spring has been brought so much joy to our little family. my belly is growing bigger each day ... eleanor and wolfgang pile up in my bed and take turns feeling their brother squirm and kick. the windows remain open and the smell of fresh lilacs fills my room. the trees are a neon green and the teepee is on the balcony, allowing my kiddos to get a bit of fresh air while i rest. we haven't spent much time downstairs because we all love my bedroom so much and will truly miss it once we move. it is bright even on the darkest days ... my head will be flooded with beautiful memories of this space once i am old. ... 

next week, we will be headed to florida for the week ... soaking up every bit of sand, ocean and sunshine we can. once we are back home, i plan on beginning wolfgang and the new baby's shared nursery. i have so many ideas in my head and have been pinteresting like crazy. it's oh so exciting ... in order to use the most of our space, eleanor will be taking wolfgang's room and the boys will be taking hers ... she has the bigger room and it has two closets .. ideal for two babies. i am thinking i will paint their room the same color as mine, although my mind isn't completely made up yet. i would really love to keep their space as neutral, simple and light as possible. i never had a changing table with wolfgang, so i do not think i will get one now. ideally, all i want in their room is two identical cribs and a rocking chair. i am still searching for that perfect rug for the center of the floor. i do not plan hanging anything on the walls ... maybe a couple printed instagram photos and a small shelf to hold creams, tiny shoes and what not. of course i plan on filling the room with as many plants as possible. so, i would say my color scheme will be gray, white and greens. 

i know that was bit of a ramble, i apologize ... but honestly that is how my thoughts are right now! i cannot wait to begin and i will most certainly be sharing it all here! xo.


  1. Ok I am totally going to see pics of that nursery- it sounds perfect! I've been searching thru nursery pics myself- ours has been the same for all of our kids and then a few of my brothers kids who lived here before us- needless to say it's in need of a makeover. Have a wonderful time in Florida! We're headed that way on Friday and I am beyond excited!

  2. You have probably shared, but I am new to your blog...it is lovely...and can you please please share the paint color of your bedroom? I love it. Three babies was magical for me. I really did love so much about that third birth so many blessings to you.