eleanor isobel

my sweet eleanor isobel has been lost in spring. she has allowed the warm weather and magnolia blooms to carry her away. her imagination has been working overtime and everyday she awakes with an idea to create something new outside or eager to plan a picnic. i love this bright light in her. her youth shining through. her innocence and beauty. but mainly i love her love for life. i admire that so much in her. most people will pass a single dandelion without even noticing it. she will see it from a hundred feet back and go sprinting towards it. she will tell a story of how the dandelion must be so lonely and immediately think of ways to make it feel more loved.

it is truly amazing to watch your children blossom and grow. it's almost as if now, age seven, we are finally seeing eleanor for who she is and who she will become. this wonderful little human who holds everything in her heart. the other day at a stop light, she noticed all of the litter outside and she told me how sad it is that people would be so careless with the earth. but what warmed me the most is that she searched for a reason in her mind to what made them litter to begin with. she wanted to know what could have been troubling them ...

in this short time living amongst her, she has taught me so much about what it means to truly care about others and what is happening around us. things i would have normally overlooked. i feel so proud of her and cannot wait to follow her throughout her journey. her life.

eleanor will randomly snag my phone to play a game ... yesterday she gave it back and as i began scrolling through my photos, i stumbled upon this. her first selfie ... i sobbed. 

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