easter sunday and some thoughts

*at 7:22am we woke up to eleanor jumping up and down on our bed shouting with glee, "it's easter! it's easter!" 

*we scooped up wolfgang from his crib, threw on our robes and headed downstairs where the kiddos had to follow a jelly bean trail to their easter baskets. wolfgang gathered all of the jelly beans in his two tiny fists and gobbled them up in record time, i'm sure. 

*we got a bit fancy and headed to brunch at the racquet club. 

*we drove through the cemetery on our way home and pulled over to take some family photos. this is always a little tough with a toddler who wants down and a little girl who is always pleading, "no photos!" but that's okay. 

*we came home and had some quiet time. the boys napped and the girls relaxed and watched a movie. wolfgang wanted more candy immediately upon waking up. 

*i went to pick up carry out from panera bread and then we took a family walk to the park. 

*now the kiddos are in bed and mama and papa are going to watch some tv and probably fall asleep early. 

it was good day. 

on another note, something i have been wanting to share .... 

today i took a lot of photos. i think it was because i let go of something that has been bothering me. i have been trying to spend less time on my phone which is a good thing, i think ... but i have also been feeling pretty inadequate lately in the social media world. i have been hesitant on what i post and often delete them shortly after because i feel as if the photo isn't good enough. or that i'm not good enough. there are so many women on my feed that are just so darn beautiful. i haven't been feeling that way lately and am afraid to show myself to others. i do not need reassured or told, "you're beautiful." it's just something i am going through. three babies later and turning thirty in two months ... i don't know. it feels really heavy to me some days and i cry a lot. it's just the truth, you know. my thoughts. i AM thankful for my life and i know it is beautiful, but sometimes i get lost in my head ... or i think oh, my photo is too grainy or the contrast isn't right, so i delete it. well, today i decided to TRY my best to let go of that. the photos i take are mine and they may not always be perfect, but i DO love them because of what they are. my children. my life. my everything in a tiny square. i may not be this supermodel mom with perfect hands and a long, lean body, but that's okay. i can still be good enough. my photos can still be good enough. because my life IS good enough. 

*my favorite photo of the day is of eleanor at brunch, turned around in her chair, looking at the easter bunny. gosh, i love it so much. my sweet girl. 


  1. So lovely! I think your photos are perfection. Don't change :)

  2. what lovely photos! you have a beautiful family!

  3. I think this is my first time commenting, but as soon as I read about your insecurities, I felt like I had to say that you are not alone. It's so easy to get lost in the shadows of that beautiful IG world. I have to remind myself constantly not to compare. To be honest, it was refreshing to read this because you are one of those beautiful mamas in my feed where life seems perfect all the time. Keep doing what you're doing, because in the end, those pictures are the moments that you want to remember.

  4. Hey girl!

    I found you on instagram when I first found out I was pregnant. I have found so much peace in that journey to a baby in my arms seeing the way you portray your life on social media. I love your simplicity but also your authenticity. It so shows. You seem like a beautiful woman and a special mama and wife! Your family seems so well loved and i'm blessed by your photos in those tiny little squares when I scroll through. Now i'm being a creeper and checking out your blog, but it's because I just wanted to know more! Thanks for being vulnerable with the world, its healthy and honest and good! From one midwest mama to another, have a wonderful day :) If you ever happen to be in Indianapolis, let me know!

    your follower,