it's a boy!!!

this morning we went for our twenty week ultrasound. we had been anticipating it since we found out we were pregnant. it's amazing how exciting it is. this little boy will be our third babe and still it feels like the first time. i spend so much time lost in thought. daydreaming of tiny fingers and toes. the little noises and squirms and everything wonderful about a newborn. oh and the smell! oh my. so much goodness. 

anyway, today was the day we would find out if new baby is a boy or a girl. i think we are all secretly hoping for a tiny turtle to appear on the screen ... and when the tech said, "there's the penis, it's a boy." oh the smiles we smiled. i immediately lifted off of the exam table and was floating on top of a cloud. i could almost hear those first cries. i could almost feel that rush of immense joy that comes over your body and soul when the baby enters the world. there really is nothing quite like it. 

so, here we are. expecting a new baby boy this summer. we are overjoyed. and so very thankful. 


  1. Congrats!! A boy, that's so exciting. I'm actually preggars too- but have been to sick to announce it or get a picture. We find out what we're having end of April and I am beyond excited. It's crazy how the excitement never wanes it's brand new and thrilling with each babe. Congrats again!!

    1. i have been missing you in the social media world lately! i guess this explains the absence ... feeling under the weather and all. congrats to you! so so exciting. i hope you begin to feel better soon! sending hugs.

  2. Little boys are the best. :) Congrats!

  3. Congrats-first found you on Instagram. I love how calm your life looks especially your home with so little. It's refreshing :)