a touch of spring

today began later than usual. my husband typically leaves for work around 7:30 and by that time everyone is up and eating breakfast. today was different. he left at his usual time and the kids were still sleeping. i wasn't, of course, because i was too freaked out. i kept tiptoeing into their bedrooms to check for signs of breathing. everyone was OK. i tried to relax and spend these added morning minutes feeling our third baby kicking inside of me ... and then i heard, "hi. ma ma. hi." around 8:30am.

the sun was shining and we filled our bellies with berries and bananas. our regular routine could commence. only, it didn't. we decided to take the morning off and head outside. we hadn't been able to take a walk in so long ... it was fifty degrees and time. i think we needed it more than we thought even. we walked to the art museum and i let the kiddos run about outside. eleanor ran around with her imaginary friends and wolfgang stomped around blabbing and pointing at everything he saw. they rolled around in last autumn's leaves and smiled so many big smiles. 

we came home and i began nesting away while eleanor practiced her reading. i placed some market flowers here and there and put together some tiny wreaths made from baby's breath. i even hung some teeny thrifted knits for new baby. 

once daddy was home, i took a long, hot shower and weeped. pregnancy is a funny thing. once a day i have to release every emotion from my body. it either presents itself in fits of uncontrollable laughter or buckets of tears. and every time it happens, it is so freeing. 

so, that was our day. may tomorrow be just as sweet. 


  1. I just love your posts. Your images are always beautiful and the way you write captures motherhood completely. xo

  2. Pregnancy... A sickness I never recovered from. I feel as though I am perpetually nesting, weepy and sentimental. I don't mind so much, it's become me. Maybe that's what having children all in a row will do to a woman. It's comforting as much as it is exhausting. I'm glad you enjoyed some springtime. xx