around here with my little ones

1. mama / daughter date at the cheesecake factory.
2. my sixteen week bump
3. a snuggly sunday. my favorite day of the week.
4. cleaning house around a toddler is SO much fun
5. apple and olive oil cake and an impatient little boy
6. playing in the snow at papaw and mamaw's house
7. he got new shoes
8. the view from where i fold laundry.
9. always snoozing in mama's bed
10. story time and wearing mama's glasses
11. it kills him that sister will not let him play with her dollhouse
12. eleanor, the entertainer
13. listening to sister read
14. she is always stealing kisses from him these days
15. peter pan
16. after nap nursing snuggles
17. twirling like sister in the afternoon sun
18. i found a pile of dirt on my bed today and he was sucking on the spray bottle #rotten
19. so, so excited to meet our newest babe this summer
20. my goal is to turn my bedroom into a greenhouse this spring


  1. You always have such beautiful pictures- hey ooze of peace and love and always make me feel comforted!


  2. Your home is just beautiful. And that dress!

  3. these are such tender moments of your beautiful life and i want to pinch elenor's dimples so badly! do you tell her they are angel's kisses? i see a lot of women now a days piercing their dimples and i'm always like nooooo those are the most beautiful things in the world! don't touch them! wish i was sitting on your kitchen stool instead of on my couch writing you through my computer screen. always wish that. xxo