saturday // snow

yesterday it began snowing in the early early hours while we were all still nestled in our beds. eleanor was the first one awake and crawled into bed next to me for snuggles, as she usually does, and whispered that it was a winter wonderland outside. i lifted my heavy head to peak out the window to see that it was indeed a winter wonderland. there is always something magical about waking up to snow, isn't there? especially in the morning when it is completely untouched and quiet. it's so beautiful. 

we spent the morning cozy and warm inside, watching movies and grazing on whatever food was left while daddy went to the grocery store. the snow continued to fall all day. a reminder that mother winter is still here, but she doesn't mean us any harm. i imagine winter to be a lot like a grandmother laying next to you in bed, running her fingers through your hair, saying, "be still, child." 

once daddy was home, we bundled up and went outside for a winter walk. our sleds are at my parent's house, so daddy rigged a sled for wolfgang with a tupperware tub and some rope. it worked just as well and wolfgang was completely in love with it all. we walked over to the big hill in our neighborhood and rolled down, down, down. eleanor giggling through it all. i swear the earth had never been so still and silent. we were the only people living. we couldn't even feel the cold. it was as if we were made to live in snow. suddenly no longer human. just five souls existing together. 


  1. It sounds like the most perfect day. Seeing your little man in the container is just the best! Such a perfect description of a grandmother telling you to be still, I'll remember that. Enjoy!