this morning

yesterday sucked. in fact, i am erasing the whole day from my memory and giving it the farewell middle finger. it was so damn gloomy and cold and school did not go smoothly and wolfgang was fussy. just an all around shit day. i have to curse to make my point, okay. okay. 

well, last night we all went to bed wiped and man oh man we slept goooooood. no one woke up at all ... this almost never happens. it was just what we needed. this morning we all woke up in a whole new light. literally, the sun was beaming. the day began with dance moves, snuggles and songs. 

here are some photos from the day so far. we have been dancing pretty hard to devendra banhart. i still cannot get over how amazingly sexy and beautiful this video is. enjoy. side note: you should know that i did not watch this one with my children. he he. 


  1. I'm glad things are sweeter today. <3

  2. It's looking like a great day already. Those days are the pits, and always leave me hungover with mum guilt. Probably best to give it the finger and let it go:) here's to a new day!

  3. I'm loving all the plants in your home!