a sweet, drifting wolfgang

we nurse and i sing, "you are my sunshine ..."

he plays with his feet and makes silly noises. i hum. 

he's getting sleepier, so he grabs teddy and rubs his nose.

and he's sleeping ... meanwhile, his growing brother in my belly is kicking his head and i whisper, "shh, you're going to wake up wolfgang."


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  1. i found you on instagram (and liked a lot of photos all at once) and thought, her photos speak to me, i bet she has a blog. so i looked and sure enough i found my way here. i've read every post up to this one so far from oldest to newest and i love the way you write, your photos, your honesty.

    i wasn't going to comment, i bet you get loads to go through?
    but i also sing "you are my sunshine" to my babies when i nurse and i love that you do too.

    i will be reading from now on, you are so my type of human.