a florida getaway

my little family and i spent the past eight days on the road. my husband had to visit tampa for work, so the kiddos and i decided to tag along ... and i am so glad we did. we had the sweetest time. while he worked during the day, we spent our time at the zoothe aquarium, and botanical gardens. late afternoon, we met back up with daddy and spent the evenings at clearwater beach. it felt oh so good to leave ohio for a bit after a long, cold, dreary winter. since we were already going to florida, we decided to spend one of our days at disney world. it was eleanor's first visit and in her words, "mom, this is the greatest day of my life." i didn't take a lot of photos of our day there because we wanted to make the day all about her. it fills my eyes with tears looking back on it already. what a wonderful thing it is to fill a child's heart with joy and watch them light up. it really was magical. 

now we are back home and i am busy unpacking and sorting laundry. eleanor and wolfgang are busy playing with their toys, eating popsicles and watching cartoons. they were the best travelers ... spending thirty hours total in the car can really take a toll on little ones, but they were troopers. we really couldn't have asked for a more peaceful and loving trip. 


  1. Looks like you had a great time on that getaway. The photos all look amazing. You made the getaway look so lively and fun, which I'm certain it was. Also, you have a beautiful family, one that definitely knows how to have fun. Thanks for sharing that, Kristen! I hope you guys get to enjoy more moments like that. All the best! :)

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge

  2. I have spent the past two days reading all of your blog. I read it before bed because it's so calming and your words are honest and real, beautifully written. I have a 10 month old at home and I would love to know what Montessori supplies/books/parent guides you use for Wolfgang. I am very interested in home schooling and your knowledge would be so helpful. Thank you for letting me have a glimpse into your life!

  3. I love reading your blog! I've followed you for the past month or so. Your house looks so whimsical and precious. Your children, too! Gah! Two questions..

    1. Where did you get those moccasins? So cute!
    2. Where did you get that hat? So SO cute!


  4. Minnetonka moccs! and hat from target! Thank you for reading! xo