you pick strawberries for the soul

spend the afternoon picking strawberries with friends. 

when you find yourself driving on a country back road, let your oldest babe hop in the front seat so they can put their arm out the window and feel free. turn the music up and look over at them. let your heart fill with the deepest joy. 

when you get home, let them help you make pie and say "yes" to a little bit more sugar.

let them stay up passed their bedtime to eat spoonfuls of cool whip straight from the container. 

give them an extra long hug before tucking them in and tell them you wouldn't want to live life with anyone else. 

easy strawberry pie:

four pints of strawberries is exactly what you will need to make one pie. 

1. bake a pie shell as directed on box or make one from scratch ... either way, bake and then let cool. 
2. place your chopped berries in the cooled pie crust. 
3. in a small saucepan, bring 1 1/2 cups water, 3/4 cups sugar and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to a boil. let boil for two minutes. 
4. remove from heat and add one 3 ounce packet of strawberry gelatin. stir until dissolved. 
5. pour over pie and place in the fridge to chill. this will take a couple hours. 
6. add heaping spoonfuls of cool whip and smile with every bite! 



  1. this is so beautiful, my friend. seeing your babies in a field must be a trip for the soul. one girl who is growing long and beautiful with dark hair (and i think we have matching hats, which is amazing), a sweet boy with beautiful eyes and hair the color of sunlight, and a bump carrying your sacred third. no one can prepare you for that kind of real life, right in the middle of your gut, good stuff. i know that you carry it all in you because it comes out of you daily, their trails attached to the beauty you put out into the world.

    this pie reminds me of a pie i used to make steve when we were first dating, before he could say "sweetheart, no more sweets. not again." it was a pillsbury pie crust, baked, then melted chocolate to the edge of the crust. i would cool it in my fridge or freezer for the day and in the evening bring it out and load it up with fresh strawberries. seeing your e hold that pie with such love made me sooo nostalgic for years past. but in the best way ever.

    you do that, k. you bring out the best possible things, ever.

  2. The day and the pie all sound completely perfect! Here's a random question for you- I've been searching for plain white cloths or rags from your last post, and somehow can find none! Suggestions?

    1. i got mine at home goods ... although i am sure you can find them at like a target maybe ... or maybe check amazon!

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