super easy lavender scrub

so today instead of parking my butt on the couch during quiet time, i decided to whip up some lavender scrub because my skin is sooo itchy and dry. #thankswinter. you guys, this stuff is seriously so easy to make. like, it takes five minutes. it also makes a really sweet gift for someone. like a "i made you this because i care about you" sort of gift. 

okay, so ...

mix together two cups of sugar, half cup of melted coconut oil, two teaspoons of lavender buds and ten drops of lavender oil. easy peasy! 

i have already used it on my hands twice today and can't wait to slather it on my legs during my next shower. yessss. 

p.s. i bought the lavender at trader joes and hung it to dry. 

p.s.s. oldjoy.com is happening really soon! should be live by the second week of february ... it will basically be the same sort of thing, just a little more organized maybe? a wee fancier? i don't know. anyway, xoxo. 


  1. Thanks for the recipe! I'll give it a go.
    Would you mind sharing what paint color you have there in your kitchen? And when you do white walls? Pretty please? xoxo

  2. Love me some sugar scrub, LOVE me some lavender! So nice, I'm definitely going to give this a try! :)

  3. This scrub looks AMAZE! And cannot wait for Oldjoy.com! It;s gonna be awesome

  4. Yasssss I can't wait to see the new site woop woop :)!


  5. something very inspiring and amazing, as usual:) every time i came to your blog, i found something very special. And this time a super easy and sensation lavender scrub. Thank you so much...