nine years

my eleanor isobel is turning nine years old on the twenty ninth of this month and i could literally cry buckets of tears. from the day she was born, she has been the light of my life. she has taught me more than anyone else could ever teach me ... she taught me how to be a mother, a friend and a better human. like, she has been everything for me. 

today her and i went on a little day date to the thrift store and then had lunch at tropical smoothie (her favorite place to eat). it was just a simple, short, little getaway, but it was so good for our relationship. since her brothers were born, finding one on one time has been pretty tough, but we make it happen when we can because it is so, so, so important ... she had three dollars saved and big hopes of finding a porcelain doll. she named her emily because we are in the middle of reading a little princess and emily is the name of sara crewe's doll. i love that. 

anyway, i can't believe my girl is nine. her birthday party is the twenty eighth and we have been making lists and planning our little hearts out. the theme this year is classic trolls and american girl because she couldn't choose and i'm like, how bout both! ... can't wait. xo

my thrift store finds. 


  1. That last pic of you two!!!! So sweet and just beautiful 💛

  2. Oh dear I almost cried reading this post, I was a troll lover when they first came out. If I only still had that bag pack of a troll I would just give it to her LOL. So happiest birthday to Elenor may all her wishes come true.


  3. Eleanor is a beautiful young girl who looks just like her momma! I love this post, reminds me of me and MY momma! :) Happy Almost Birthday, El!

  4. Happy Birthday to Isobel, you both look really cute and you people surely know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing your moment with us


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