eleanor is nine!

today we celebrated eleanor's ninth birthday! last year's theme was toy story and this year it was trolls ... 1990 style. it was a really sweet day. 

showing rufus her new gremlin doll. they are obsessed with that movie right now.

her cousins and friend from school brought their american girl dolls to the party, so of course eleanor placed little plates, forks, cups and pitchers of lemonade on the table for them. they also made teeny t-shirts for their dolls.

gramma is teaching him how to blow bubbles.

today she got new roller skates, tomorrow we are going ice skating. 

this may be my new favorite photo of her.

i always find the messy table after the party so lovely. a beautiful sign of a happy time. xo.


  1. Life through your eyes is so beautiful. I love following along on SC & Instagram. The simple beauty of life is what I need more of these days. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Trolls YASSSSS, looks like a fun party her face in all the pictures is priceless and EVERYTHING :)! Fav troll on top of that cake because rainbow colors I just love it, well done Kristen. Here to another amazing year of memories with your girl!


  3. actually so adorable. happy belated birthday, sweet eleanor! you capture the happiest of moments, kristen. it never fails to make me smile. :)

  4. this looks sooo good! those photos are gorgeous and eleanor is so stunningly beautiful, she's going to be a classic beauty when she grows up [more] (how is she nine already!?)

    happy birthday eleanor! ♡

  5. Both of your kids are really cute. Eleanor is looking so pretty in her birthday dress. She is looking like a doll. The theme which you have selected for her birthday party is also looking very decent and different. Happy Birthday dear. Stay Happy