OLDJOY is live

HEY! just wanted to pop in to let y'all know that www.oldjoy.com is now live! .. There are some things here that i plan on moving over when i have time! but, i will not be deleting this blog because i want to take a stroll down memory lane whenever the mood strikes.

I just wanna say "thank you" to everyone who has followed along here at moon schooling eleanor. i had no idea when i started this blog that so many people would read. like it still blows my mind. i feel so grateful for the continued love and support. thank you so much.

love, kristen.


  1. Thanks girl & I have added oldjoy.com to my bookmark bar on my computer :) yasssss..

  2. thank you so much for not deleting as some of your posts i would love to go back and re-read (recipes and how-to's and such) but also i just love reading about your journey through motherhood, homeschooling and raising crazy little versions of yourself day in and day out! i truly love your blog and can't wait to get to know oldjoy.com


  3. Another very helpful and exciting link.. yeah, you are doing a great job by blogging. Thank you as well for informing us. I wish you best luck for your future accomplishments.