a new life

a couple of months ago my husband and i sat in bed and discussed our future ... we do that often because well, i guess that's what grown ups do. we had been feeling rather content with the way things are. we have a roof over our heads, a steady income that allows me to stay home with our two healthy kids and each other ... why push it? you know what i mean? although the idea of carrying and mothering another baby seemed delightful because it is ... we just weren't sure having another baby was something we were going to do. well, it turns out ... during that conversation of whether or not we were going to grow our family .... i was pregnant.

we are thrilled. yes, we are.

our little bean is due in august and i have already been fantasizing about the whole day he or she arrives. that moment your baby leaves your body and enters your world ... well there is no greater high. the joy ... it takes your breath away. i can't wait.

i will be back soon with updates of our sweet little journey. for now, i will leave you this song.


  1. I'm so happy for you, and will be thinking of you daily. <3

  2. I am beyond thrilled for you! Just between us gals my hubby and I have been having the same conversation, just still not sure where we stand. But, oh my your so right- some people think in crazy but there is nothing so amazing as delivery day, most romantic beautiful day ever and to think of never having that again, can break me. Anyway, I'm so glad your feeling some better and and hope this pregnancy is complete and incredible for you!


  3. Oh yay! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations :)

  4. The song link is down. Could you please tell me the title and singer?