some days i have so many feelings, but no way to describe them. ill try. 

you know that feeling when you run and jump into a pool? that feeling when you smack against the water and go under ... there is that ten seconds you are under the water and absolutely nothing is on your brain except swimming to the top to catch your breath. that gasp for oxygen. feeling completely awake and alive once you are above water ... what i am trying to describe is the in and out of every waking moment of everyday. moments when you feel completely without air... and then something amazing occurs and suddenly oxygen fills your lungs and produces a big, fat smile. i had a whole lot of those in and outs this week. and here, in these photos, are all of those air filled smiles. those moments where i caught my breath.


  1. Beautifully said- I felt like last week was a tough one for lots of us, not sure why. It's always those little things, a funny comment, laughter throughout the house, a silly game that reminds me how good this is!


  2. That first gasp of air into your empty lungs, there is nothing like it. Wonderful photos. Thinking of you. <3

  3. today i discovered your pics and words. so happy!!!