this week.

mostly our weeks are spent at home. typically the only time the kids and i leave the house is for ballet, library and trips to the grocery store. i must say ... we get a little stir crazy at times. especially when mama isn't doing so hot. my morning sickness and exhaustion with baby number three is in full effect and honestly, most of time i'm looking for any moment throughout the day when i can crawl into bed. i do not have family around and arick has been working outside of the home a lot lately, so i gotta keep truckin.' ... im not complaining ... it's okay. we do okay. eleanor is a trooper and will play quietly in her room while wolfgang naps so i can rest. my house has paid a price though ... and it sucks. i do okay keeping up with dishes and laundry and sweeping up, but oh man my floors need mopped and my windows need scrubbed. i just keep telling myself that it's no big deal and this will pass and i will be back at it soon enough. all that matters is that my babies are fed and hugged and loved. the emotions though ... wow. those first trimester blues. i force myself to watch reruns of the office before falling asleep at night to have a good laugh. something lighthearted. something familiar. comfort, i guess. 

moving right along ... this week was my husband's birthday, so i baked a carrot cake from scratch because it's his favorite and every year he requests it. i was feeling rather normal the day of which made me happy. i was so worried i would be too sick to bake, but nope! a dear window of opportunity at the most perfect time. eleanor put pink roses on top and made him a card. when he got home from work, we sang happy birthday and shared bites. it was sweet ... but you know, little ones have a way of adding magic to things ... warmth. unconditional love. excitement. all that good stuff that makes life worth living. 

this week also marks ten months of trying to sell our house. it was pretty stressful six months in, but here lately we are sort of "eh" about it. not like giving up, but just trying to stay positive because things could be worse and unnecessary worry or stress will not help it sell. we have a roof over our heads and gosh, that's huge, ya know? we took a break from open houses during the holiday season, but will be back at it beginning this weekend. here's hoping i can muster the strength to get the house ready! and if i can't do it all, that's okay, too. everything will be fine. deep breathes. 


  1. I think your kitchen is my fav. Someone should scoop that up!

  2. So much happenings right now, and I'm so sorry. Knowing the feeling so well it gives me a little ugh feeling deep in my gut for you. Hope your out of the woods and back to yourself quickly, and good luck with the house. From the photos it looks incredible, I can't imagine it being a hard sale.


  3. That cake looks absolutely divine.... so happy for you that you found that opportunity to bake!

  4. Thinking of you, mama. I remember my third pregnancy vividly, and I struggled with awful morning sickness and over all weakness too. It can be so hard, even when you have little going on, you have a full plate of wonderful but demanding things and I hope you find plenty of pockets to rest your body and lots of days of feeling better. Beautiful home, beautiful cake, beautiful life. Best of luck as you begin the selling process again.

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