shared nursery wish list

so, as you know ... we are expecting another little bundle of joy late this summer. well, we hope to be moved to a new house by then *fingers crossed* but if not, we will be moving eleanor into wolfgang's room and wolfgang and the new baby will share the bigger room. most likely, wherever we move, they will still need to share a room ...

my mama brain has been going non stop as of late ... even keeping me up at night. fantasizing about new baby and what his or her name will be and if he or she will have blue eyes like brother and sister and oh my gosh, all i want is a healthy baby ... you know how it goes. the anticipation. the worry. the excitement. anyway, thanks to pinterest and just my general need to decorate and rearrange ... i have been dreaming up what their shared nursery will look like. we actually will not need a lot for new baby because a lot will be passed on from wolfgang. and also, new babies just do not require a whole lot. anywho, for their shared nursery i am thinking neutral and green. i want it to be a calm space with lots of natural light ... i can already see it in my head. tiptoeing around their room while they are both sleeping. the sunlight hitting my toes ... nursing new baby in that old rocking chair. the song of it's creak putting us both to sleep ... wolfgang stretching his arm through the crib slats, trying to touch baby. oh, the magic. the magic. the magic. the love.

1. i am obsessed with these mobiles and especially in love with the horses. oh my!

2. i have been following maiuki on instagram for a while now and in love with these knits! a little knit cap for baby's first winter is a must.

3. all things nature baby! this bunny nightlight would be a splurge, but oh wouldn't it look precious on a dresser next to a plant and tiny wooden rattles? and this moses basket is something i definitely will be purchasing. i wanted it for wolfgang and it never happened and im still upset about it. i will not make that mistake again!

4. we most likely will be buying this crib. wolfgang's crib is white, but i think they will compliment each other well.

5. plants! of course this nursery will have plants in baskets because every room in our house does! it only makes sense. and besides, they will keep the babies company. ;) i fell in love with this print. i think in a white frame it will look just darling above a crib or dresser. in love.

6. lastly, i want to learn how to knit a chunky, cream cable knit blanket for both cribs. i can do it, right!

anyway, im sure i will stumble across or think of plenty more things i want, but i am going to do my best to keep things simple and practical. i still haven't found that perfect rug yet ....