for the love of houseplants

let me begin with saying that i am in no way, shape or form a plant expert. everything i know is from trial and error. trust me, i killed a whole lot of cacti before i accepted the fact that my house is just too darn cold for them to survive.

today, i would like to share my favorite houseplants and how i take care of them. i have more plants that i will not show today because i just wanted to show the ones that are great for beginners. plants that i will call adaptable, meaning they do not require hot sun for eight hours a day.

1. the sansevieria

i have two of these guys, a large one that i keep in wolfgang's room and a small one i keep next to my window in my bedroom. the large one gets watered one cup every other thursday. the small one gets watered 1/2 cup every other tuesday.

2: the aglaonema

i keep this gal in my bathroom. she gets watered 1 cup every other wednesday. 

3. the pothos

my oldest plant. around here we call her big mama. she has been with me for almost eight years now and she has felt it all ... the bickering between arick and i, the cries of a newborn babe, eleanor's singing and dancing, wolfgang's tiny fingers playing in her dirt. she has thrived through every move. she is just apart of the family. i have propagated her many, many times. she has offspring all over our house. She gets watered every saturday morning after i eat my granola and drink my OJ. her babes do, as well.

4. the spider plant

my mother has several spider plants at her house and in the summer she puts them in her sun room and it's magical. i really hope my next house has a sun room. gah! i have one her spider's offspring. she is growing pretty well, but i know she will take off once spring rolls around. we do not have many sunny days in winter here in ohio. anyway, she gets watered after my pothos every saturday. 

5. air plants

i recently jumped on the air plant wagon and i refuse to get off. i adore them. i purchased them from FERN studio here in ohio. they are super sweet and easy to take care of. all you have to do is soak them in water, leaves down for twenty minutes once a week. i soak mine every thursday. in between soaks you can spray them with water. they drink from their leaves, not their roots. i will definitely be getting more of these little fellas!

TIPS! keep a calendar, so that way no plant gets forgotten and go hungry :) also, plant care makes a great chore for our little ones!


  1. What an endearing post, right now the only house plant I have is the jar of thriving corn that Lydia orchestrated (which I sort of love). BUT, we are going to be getting a "pet cactus" and a handful of other lovely, living, green things. I miss having plants around and in the last three years we sort of lost all our plants. :( This post was a great one, and give me a jumping off point. Lovely.

  2. I love those- especially the first one and the air plant. Which made me realize suddenly that I have no house plants. Absurd- I feel I must go get some now!

  3. its a beautiful life you have designed.. so peaceful and positive.. i'd like to live in a similar way .. its really nice to know about you ..You are inspiring

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