holidays // a tree farm

today papa took the day off work so we could spend it together at the tree farm. it was wonderful. eleanor ran all over the place yelling, "i like this one! how about this one?!" we walked up and down every row and of course we ended up going with the one we saw first. wolfgang couldn't believe his luck ... dirt, dirt and more dirt. oh, and mud! he pointed and smiled at almost every tree.

i don't really have much to say about it, maybe because im full of roasted vegetables and exhausted at the moment. all i wanna do is be a slug on the couch ... but i wanted to share these photos of our perfect day. xo.


  1. Stunning images! And my goodness what a beautiful family. Random but can I ask where you got Eleanor's fedora? I've been looking for one for my Aussie this Christmas.


    1. it is actually mine and i have had it for years! i actually think i found it at kohls of all places ! i have also seen them at baby gap and target. happy hunting!

  2. I was so excited to see more photos! Lovely.

  3. love these! and wolfgangs dimple!!

  4. These are just perfectly beautiful!