days like these

today was emotional. our family is in the process of accepting change/something new and it has emotions on high around here...i will get into specifics another day. you know how when one person in the family is off key, the rest of the family sort of follows along. i think that is what makes being part of a family so tender and sweet. 

it seems like a lot of people think being emotional is being sad and that is not always the case. we haven't been sad, we have just been easily thrown into fits of laughter or bucketfuls of tears. and when i say we, i mean the kids and i ... my husband copes with change well and all he really needs everyday is a few moments when he can have his face in a book. in fact, not having time to read everyday is just about the only thing that stresses him out. he is such an interesting person. he ordered us new stockings with our names engraved and when i checked the mail and opened the box i could have burst with excitement and joy. he is so, so good to us and deserves those moments each day to do what he loves ... even if it is just twenty minutes alone with a good book. 

anyway, tonight when i tuck the kiddos into bed i will smother them with kisses and feel so thankful for this little family of mine. emotional days or the best days, they are our days together and i wouldn't trade it for any other life. 

i have been listening to this song a lot as of late. i catch myself softly humming it as i tiptoe around our house throughout the day. it's just one of those songs that make you feel everything. 


  1. I immediately started crying when the song started playing. It's a wonderful song. Hugs to you. And best of luck as these changes happen. Emotional days can be so taxing, and can also remind you of how connected you are to those you love. I'm an emotional creature. A lot of it stays inside, but there are days I take a shower just so I can cry or I'll walk to the market just so I can stomp out some of the overwhelming things I'm feeling. Best of everything to you all.

  2. Beautiful- I love the way you describe the emotional days, for they are not bad days. It's been wild around my home and lately I've found myself wanting to run and hide a bit, or craving a moment of peace, but in all of it- I'm still so grateful.