this year i hosted my first thanksgiving. as i sit here on my bed, eating left over sweet potato casserole with gooey mallows on top, i feel pretty good about how it all went. i was supposed to host thanksgiving two years ago, but our kitchen was being remodeled and then last year wolfgang was a brand new pup ... but this year it finally happened. at first, i must say i was completely overwhelmed ... i mean, how on earth do you cook a turkey for hours and all of your side dishes in the same oven? at the same time?! it seemed impossible. well, i managed and in fact, all of the food was ready to eat before most of our guests arrived. phew.

i made:

turkey with sage, orange peels, rosemary, butter and peppercorn
mashed potatoes
green beans with almonds
sweet potato casserole

i asked my parents to bring the corn because they grow their own and it is delicious. my mother n law brought the pies and my sister n law brought the rolls.

the night before, i sat on the couch, watched some TV and cut my potatoes and snipped green beans. i am so happy that i got that out of the way the night before. the day of i woke up at 6:00AM and we ate at noon. sigh. thanksgiving.

eleanor made wreaths for the door and napkin rings for the kid's table. she was thrilled to help and was hopping around the house singing songs and holding up her master pieces high in the air yelling, "isn't it beautiful, mama? what do you think?!" wolfgang crashed her creating party many, many times and i would see him walk as wobbly and fast as he could holding one of her crayons and she would be chasing after him. oh, i promise you ... it was as precious as it sounds.

anyway, now let's get to the sentimental, gushy stuff ... for this is my diary after all...

i woke up at 6:00AM like i said. it was still dark and everyone was sound asleep. everyone, but me. i didn't dread the sound of that alarm clock like i thought i would. i sat up immediately when i heard the ringing. it was almost as if it was my voice i heard. whispering, "let's be together" in my ear. "it's okay, they ARE fine." but of course, i still woke up arick and told him to make sure wolfgang didn't roll off the bed. i walked downstairs and left almost every light off. i wanted it to be dark. i wanted it to feel like i was the only thing around. i began to prepare food right away, but i have no recollection of it. i was lost in thought the whole time. thinking about nothing, really, but so much, too. you know what i mean? it felt good not to be interrupted. silence IS golden. i could almost hear myself think. standing in my dark kitchen, the aromas of sliced oranges and chopped herbs filling my nose that led right to the depths of my soul. it was everything. i didn't even need coffee. i was awake.

i heard the cries of wolfgang at 7:05AM. i walked upstairs, sat in bed and nursed my sweet boy. still in the dark, still in my thoughts ... listening to his snorty breaths and feeling his tiny hand play with my hair. i thought how thankful i am for this simple life of mine. thankful for the family that would be coming over. thankful that we can afford to feed everyone. thankful that we have the choice to have the lights on or off. thankful for our warm beds. thankful for my husband, for he is the reason for my happiness. thankful for my babies. oh, man. but what i felt most thankful for is that hour and five minutes i had to myself. that hour and five minutes alone in the dark being still and quiet. i guess i didn't know much i needed it, but i did. i really did.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. do not forget to be thankful for YOU and all the good YOU bring to the others you say you're thankful for. xo.


  1. Here I am, jumping in to comment but I've been waiting for this post. I always love the way you describe things. And I adore your thankful heart. What a beautiful meal and wonderful day it seems you had. Happy Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for you.

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  3. i feel like you are a part of the 'everywoman' which is a term i studied many hours and months in college. essentially, she is the woman that sits in the body of all us, which is why we can relate to her, which is why we need and desire her presence, always. she's why we see photos of women with their face blurred or turned to the side or looking downwards, and we say to ourselves "that could be me, all that, all her, right there."

    she is the 'that could be me. that IS me.'

    you are a fine example of what is in the hearts of us all.

    sister for life


  4. So completely beautiful! This is why I love your blog it's like you put my thoughts and feelings into words for me. I'm so glad it was a lovely thanksgiving and I'm so impressed that you pulled it all off!