giving thanks in my kitchen

this morning as i sat down at the bar to enjoy cherry preserves on sourdough and a hot cup of orange spice tea, i began to look around and appreciate this life of mine. the sun was shining, wolfgang was crawling around at my feet and i could hear curious george in the background and a little eleanor bouncing up and down on the couch. we have a daddy who is out in the world working hard so that our bellies are fed, our bodies are clothed and sheltered from the cold. i thought to myself, "cherish today." let all of those annoying, worrying thoughts go and just be happy and thankful. we spend so much time in negative thought, don't we? 

i know i already did a tour of our kitchen, but here are some more photos because it is thanksiving time and i am grateful for this room. it is where i spend most of my days ... cooking for the people i love. what are you thankful for today? 

  meanwhile, on the floor ... a little wolfgang is having a moment.


  1. First, and least importantly let me say that those are the exact preserves I buy and love. So good.
    Second, I love the candles in the old jars. I have a collection of lovely vintage glass bottles like those and I didn't even think to use them that way! Inspired!
    Thirdly... I love your words. We should be more thankful every day. I love the way you talk about your life. it's beautiful. Truly.
    Wishing you 4 the best.

  2. Your home is really so lovely, dear. Really, really.

  3. A great reminder to stay present and not let little things get in our way of happiness and that's a beautiful kitchen! Oh please do another post soon- I love your blog so much! But until then, enjoy the holidays!!

  4. love this, love the candles, interior, color choice, elegence, love everything! this is very beautifull #kitchengoals. p.s i adore the last picture, the baby is a cutie, seeing stuff like this makes me happy!