a book review // Uni the Unicorn

every once in a while eleanor and i stumble upon a book we love. one that is so beautifully written and illustrated that we try to read it as many times as possible before returning it to the library the following week. as part of her home school curriculum, eleanor has to practice typing on the computer. i decided to begin a new series here that allows eleanor to express her love for a book while working on her typing skills and reading comprehension. what will happen is whenever we discover a children's book that we fall madly in love with, eleanor will type a short summary of why she loved it in her own words and also paint a picture or create something of her choosing about the story. i am hoping that in the future the books will be more gender neutral, although boys CAN love unicorns too. we had so much fun with this project today and hope you all enjoy it, too! also, have you stumbled upon any really great children's book lately? we would love if you shared in the comments. xo.

I like Uni the Unicorn because I love unicorns. The story was about a little girl and a unicorn dreaming to play with each other. Uni was pretty. She is white with sparkly eyes.
Love, Eleanor


  1. What a great idea, I've not introduced typing at all, but that makes sense. I'm not sure how old your little one is, so I'm guessing at books- but I love Bella and Bean, and Princess Bess Gets Dressed. If you read chapter books we just finished Rump and it was a new favorite as well as Summer Of the Monkeys, which is our all time best book ever!

  2. This is completely precious. I wonder if my oldest daughter would like reviewing books? Hmm.. Anyway, I really want to read this. <3